"Every little moment has a meaning all its own."

Being an actor is a religious calling because you’ve been given the ability, the gift to inspire humanity. Think about that on the way to your soap opera audition.”
— Sanford Meisner

Sanford Meisner is widely recognized as one of the most influential acting teachers of the twentieth century, accounting for a number of the most accomplished actors ever to grace stage and screen.  Some of his students include: Paul Newman, Robert Duvall, Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Joanne Woodward, Steve McQueen, Tom Cruise, and Sandra Bullock.

Building upon Stanislavsky's own system of actor training marked by an intense realism and emotional power brought about by the reliving of personal experience, Meisner, instead, sought a more balance approach by directing his actors to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. 

Today, StoryStrong, through the Anthropos Approach to actor training, seeks to deepen what Meisner started in the 1930's by acknowledging and nurturing the soul, the body's animating principle. If the soul, therefore, is the form of the body, as St. Thomas teaches, then any actor training process neglectful of this reality ultimately fails to recognize the full potential of the actor.